Wednesday, July 8, 2009

dam di dam..lala~

i'm just a little bit caught in d middle
life is a maze and love is a riddle
i don't know where to go
i can't do it alone i've tried
and i don't know why

sLow it down
make it stOp
or eLse my heart is going tO poP
'cauSe it's too much
Yeah it's a lot
tO be somethinG i'm noT

i'm a fooL
OuT oF Love
'CauSe i Just Can't get enOugh

i'm juSt a littLe girL Lost in the mOment
i'm sO sCared but i dOn'T shOw iT
i can't figure iT out
iT's bRinging me dOwn i knOw
i've goT tO leT iT gO
and juSt enjoY the shoW

The sun iS hoT
inThe sky
Just like a giant spotlight
The peopLe fOLLoW the sign
and synchronize in tiMe
it's a joKe
Nobody knows
tHey've got a ticket to that sHow

=) niCe aite?

joIn me..letSsinGaLong~~


  1. i'm just a little boy,
    lost in the moment, too.

    and yes, love is a riddle full of complexity,
    absolutely not for a stupid boy like me.


  2. ohO pLagiation here..
    fogot the TM..
    toLd u b4.dO noT edit aite.. =P