Monday, July 27, 2009

baby gLoOm

The birth rate is declining and men are to be blame.
the number of children per couple is now three times lower than what it was a generation ago, and experts concede there is casual link between that and the attitudes of men. =P ( ehehe)

According to the results of a study by the university (UPM yg wat neyh) , the people continued to think that housework and childcare were solely the mother's responsibility.

" Our study shows that when women come home from work, they change their clothes and go into the kitchen. Men put their briefcase down, head to the living room and read the newspaper or flip through TV channels. Sometimes , they ask to be served a drink."( sayang..i penat jugak oke) =P

HeLLo~!! " Women work to help men supplement the family income, but men don't help their wives around the house." said the family economics expert.

(ni agik besht) =P

" By and large, human fertility is assumed to be at its highest early in the morning, between 4am and 5am"

Besides quantity, the quality of eggs also declines with age. This is why miscarriagea and babies born with abnormalities are higher when one becomes pregnant at a later age, especially 35 years and above.

"For men, the reasons that will affect a man reproductive organs are stress, smoking and other -Ve lifestyle habits, wearing tight undergarments and lounging in sauna or hot bath."

hikhik =P

p/s : saye mahu owg yg pandai siang ikan.. =)


  1. abg terer potong paler ikan.. tu kira leh ke wat masuk list?? muekekek amponss

  2. adakah saha pandai siang ikan???...tettt..menjadi tanda tanya..hhahaha

  3. abg epul..paler ikan?? cocoP..ikan nye leher kat ane? caner potong paler dia?? =P

  4. zuL..ehehe..saha kate dia pandai..adekah benar dia pandai?? =P